Tribute Eco Pyrotechnics

Corporate branding for environmentally friendly fireworks, championing the industry transition to greener pyrotechnics.


Don’t Let Chemicals Rain on Your Parade

The Background

The sky may be blue today, but at the rate of pollution depleting the ozone layer, our skies will soon be shades of gray. Although beautiful and fun, fireworks emit 10.59 million kg of gunpowder into American skies annually, that’s equivalent to 31.7 million MG of wasted energy. Fallen particles of charcoal, nitrates, and sulfur end up in drinking sources, while non decomposable materials wind up in local ecosystems. Tribute utilizes a clean burning nitrogen-based fuel, reducing harmful effects on the environment.

+ Brand Voice & Naming
+ Website Development
+ Design Strategy
+ Brand Architecture
+ Market & Scientific Research
+ Corporate Marketing Collateral


The Challenge

I was tasked with developing a corporate brand identity that would speak directly to other businesses versus a Business-to-Consumer marketing approach. The shift in audience required a design strategy to solidify the longevity and popularity of Tribute Eco Pyrotechnics. I did extensive market research, developing a brand architecture and brand manual, as well as print collateral, firework prototypes, and client presentation kits.


Homage to Liberty

The Approach

Fireworks are a staple in American culture with associations to independence, celebration, and community, but without a greener approach we will continue to damage and destroy the land we vow to cherish and keep free. The bold colors of the corporate brand represent the strength and resolve of the American flag, while the brand sub-divisions are derivative of the fireworks themselves. Strong geometric forms and radial compositions visually communicate our mission to expand into a future of safer celebrations and clearer skies.