Genee Progressive Fertility

Genee is a fertility clinic pioneering the use of modern reproductive science to transform the biological opportunities for queer couples when building a family.


Bone Marrow Babies

The Background

In 2007, reproductive science leapt forward by successfully creating functioning sperm cells out of human bone marrow. This discovery is monumental for queer couples, and it is expected that this discovery will change the industry of reproductive science, pioneering a reproductive option that does not depend on traditional men’s sperm to achieve pregnancy. Although this technology is years away from eligibility for clinical trials and human research subjects, hypothetically, Genee Progressive Fertility is the first company to utilize genetically modified bone marrow sperm as a form of artificial insemination, revolutionizing reproductive health.

+ Brand Voice & Naming
+ Print Collateral Design
+ Messaging & Linguistic Development
+ Website Design
+ Iconography System
+ Concept Development
+ Interior Experience

A Broken Healthcare System

The Challenge

America’s reproductive healthcare system doesn’t adequately support LGBTQ+ families economically or socially. There are little to no medical facilities exclusively dedicated to same-sex or queer family building, which is shocking since queer couples may rely on Assisted Reproductive Technologies to grow their families. Insurance policies require LGBTQ+ couples to “prove infertility” for over a year before coverage begins; a completely heteronormative practice because it neglects the reality that same-sex couples are biologically infertile. The faults in the system are costing queer couples over $36,000 before coverage even kicks in. 

Discrimination against LGBTQ+ couples continues, delegitimizing their identities, relationships, and families. Genee rejects heternormative language and practice, as an affordable fertility option especially equipped at queer family building and development with modern technologies and specialized care.



The physical space of the clinic has warm colors like browns and oranges; the tones are soft to evoke feelings of comfort, trust, and inclusivity. The architecture and furniture are constructed with curvilinear forms to reflect the abstracted and organic shapes within the brand’s design system.

Reimagining Fertility

The Approach

Traditional medical design can evoke feelings of trustworthiness and familiarity, while also feeling incredibly cold and impersonal. Genee is not only changing reproductive healthcare scientifically, but we are changing it emotionally as well. Reproductive care is incredibly intimate; we are sharing the experience of making a family together. The organic, bulbous, and fluid shapes, forms, and lines in Genee’s brand system convey that healthcare shouldn’t just be white coats, petri dishes, and sterile smells. Instead, our care and the brand built around it is warm, alive, breathing, authentic, and deeply personal.


Image Creation

Cubism heavily inspired the visual language of the brand with its roots in perspective, rhythm, and movement. The abstracted figures imitate the intimacy of touch between two people. The contrasting red forms highlight touchpoints.

Intimacy and Humanity

The Brand

The name Genee is derived from the prefix Gen- meaning to be born, producing, and coming to be; the melding of the words “gene” and “genie” mix the ideas of biology, genetics, and family with the miracle or wish of life. Conceptually, the brand mark represents a multitude of reproductive references; the abstracted form of the womb, a woman’s side belly profile, a “G” for Genee, a growing organism, bodies intertwined, etc. The multiple representations of the mark mirror the idea that there is no uniform family unit, but instead a variety of ways to build and nurture a family. I developed the main typeface to adopt similarly humanistic and organic qualities.



Through my research, I soon realized that there is little to no linguistic or visual messaging system for queer reproductive health. I was tasked with developing a language to verbally communicate the purpose of the brand and its technology by naming the scientific processes and explanations of how the procedure works. In tandem with the written, I developed a visual language built around an iconography system.