I'm a woman on a mission.

A mission to create powerful design solutions that address local and global issues. As a social impact designer, the visual identities I create are built on a foundation of intersectionality, equity, and honesty. I thrive in environments that critique and correct for the sake of learning how to better communicate, engage, and empathize. I believe design is a radical tool for change when concept, research, collaboration, and humanity meld together. Fueled by purpose and innovation, I am eager to contribute to a more optimistic, accepting, and equitable future. 

Hello, my name is Jane Blaise Ciminera! I graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in Communications Design and Women and Gender Studies. Design is my favored form of advocacy; it allows me to defend the causes I believe in, support the efforts of collective solidarity, and ignite sparks of emotion.  

When I’m not designing, and I’ve forced all my applications to quit, I’m usually cuddling up to my precious kitty, Mr. Fang. He's a black cat with a very extensive bow tie collection. I find creative inspiration in scrapbooking a recent adventure, curating playlists for every mood imaginable, cooking new recipes in the kitchen, and living vicariously through characters in films and books.

Let’s challenge our curiousity together and create something powerful.