Big Questions, Growing Minds

Avoiding discussions around problems like sexism, racism, and homophobia ignores the reality of our world, BQGM is a resource book to help parents navigate these conversations. 


Have the Hard Conversations 

The Background

The publication takes an intersectional approach by being separated into five central aspects of identity: gender, class, sexuality, religion, and disability. Big Questions Growing Minds encourages children to continue asking questions about the world around them, fostering a mutual relationship of curiosity between parent and child. Shying away from conversations with children because of the fear to be wrong or belief that they are too young to understand does more harm than good; ignorance only fuels fear of the unknown.

+ Publication Design
+ Copywriting
+ Illustration
+ Custom Typography
+ Research
+ Iconography System

Building a Voice for Two Audiences

The Challenge

Big Questions Growing Minds simultaneously speaks to parents and their children ages 7-9. Childrens’ development happens so rapidly, that the targeted age range is small to most effectively communicate, tailoring the visual and verbal language as not to be too complicated or too immature for the age range. 

Visually, the book communicates to both audiences, parent and child, by balancing lengthy paragraphs with colorful illustrations. I developed several custom typefaces and an iconography system with a hand-sketched, imperfect, almost child-like quality.