With a background in fine arts, I enjoy painting, drawing, collaging, hand lettering, scrapbooking etc. as outlets for creative expression. I never go anywhere without a Moleskine and 005 ink pen.


Bug Alphabet

Inspired by the resemblance insects have to letterforms, I closely studied the anatomy of creepy crawlers, ranging from beetles to dragon flies to tarantulas. I developed an illustrated alphabet based on the natural bends and shapes of each insect, morphing their bodies with the structures of each typographic form.


National Parks

Pen and ink landscape studies of national parks that I dream of visiting one day. The following are depicted: Acadia National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Zion National Park.


Inner Souls

Typography study using the counters of letterforms to create a balanced composition. The two dominant entities are the curvilinear and geometric forms, emanating from each other.


Feminist Icons

Simple pen and ink illustrations of iconic feminists. 

Food Illustrations

Watercolor illustrations I drew for a school project. The illustrations were developed for an advertising campaign. The main aspect of the restaurant is that cauliflower is the main ingredient in all cuisine on the menu.